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Visit the army's website - see the link at the end of this page and then click on the careers and then the application form. You will be asked to indicate your postal addresses and the army will send the application pack through post. In the forms there is a sponsor part where you need to fill the sponsor details and addresses.

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The ricasso is marked on one side by the manufacturer Wilkinson Sword, England with crossed swords legend and Royal appointment. It has a gilt brass voided bar knuckle guard and stepped pommel. The back strap is stippled for grip. The sword's fish skin grip with wire binding is undamaged. Attached to the guard is its leather cord and acorn.

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Victorian British Indian Army Sword. Johnny Yuma. 7,711 3,231. Veteran of the Regiment. Johnny Yuma. 7,711 3,231. Post 12:25 PM - Aug 22 #1 2022-08-22T12:25..

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Staff-and-Field swords were by regulation in steel scabbards with scalloped brass mounts and carrying rings at top and middle band and a brass drag at bottom. Foot Officers Swords were carried in usually-black leather scabbards with somewhat plainer brass mounts and drag lacking the scalloping.

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1.0 Introduction In order to become a military fitness instructor - otherwise known as a Physical Training Instructor or PTI - in the British Army an individual needs to gain the required skills, fitness and experience. The individual must also demonstrate that they are fit enough, have the qualities of a non-commissioned officer (NCO) and. Official Military Swords: U.S. Official Army Officer Swords Government Specifications $369.99. US Army Officer Sabers for sale are available in several blade lengths for a personalized fit. These premium military swords feature a stainless steel blade that is polished to a mirror finish. The blade has appropriate military etchings. Our United States Army Sword is a unique custom.

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Thomas Swords by Stefan Bielinski Lieutenant Thomas Swords (1738-1780) was a sometime Albany person and a member of the Albany Masonic Lodge. He was born in Ireland in 1738. He was the son of Richard Swords, a British army officer. He joined the army and in 1756 was in New York. Wounded at Ticonderoga, he was promoted to lieutenant.

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